This notebook uses a standard audio system: The second interesting accessory is headphones. The only feature that seemed to be missing was big LEDs to light up the logo, which most lecturers will love not being in their classroom. Even smallest particles, like dust, and also fingerprints, are immediately visible. Considering it is a rpm hard disk, the transfer rates and the access times are very good. Our notebook was equipped with a 2.

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MSI Megabook GX600

They narrowed main keys. This impression is preserved, when you open the lid. The display found on the GX is a matte style, which is odd with most gaming notebooks today having the popular glossy msi gx600.

The main problem is, such narrow keys are not situated where you expect them to, g600 msi gx600 use the touch typing method. As with most gaming machines, the GX Extreme Edition didn’t offer extraordinary endurance: The WLAN test good bis maximum brightness ksi the display, and activated energy saving settingswas a little bit better. So, we can draw a conclusion that modern games are limited mostly by the graphics system of the notebook, not by its processor which is fast enough msi gx600 process necessary msi gx600so engineers should focus on the graphics system.

Overclocking the CPU to 2. On the whole, the notebook looks according to msi gx600 positioning—not too cheap, but not expensive either.

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Review MSI Megabook GX Notebook – Reviews

msi gx600 So the notebook passes game tests without any problems. The result just increased to points. So you get all necessary accessories for work and entertainment.

Its msi gx600 not glossy, which is a msi gx600 advantage in my opinion. In the other hand, featuring slim appearance, along with a weight of at most 2. It’s difficult to describe, but it looks interesting.

Long-term review Apple MacBook Pro 2. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Of course this can also be caused by the bad illumination. Msi gx600 gx600 thrill of feeling like being right there in the midst of the action. Besides, it’s shifted to the left, so it’s hard to msi gx600 this key.

We’ve also tested a product on the AMD platform, it will be reviewed in another article.

When the numeric pad works in the Numpad mode, it’s not convenient to use the upper row of keys. The notebook is very attractive in this respect: Almost instantly after pressing the switch the fan would ramp up and become very audible.

It’s a good result for ksi large gaming msi gx600 with a large display and high-performance components.


Msi gx600 notebook is bundled well, but its engineers paid little attention to ergonomics. It’s not a bad choice for an inexpensive gaming notebook. Msi gx600 offers an excellent bundle, you won’t have to buy anything. To summarize, the battery runtime of the standard battery is rather short.


Most, if not all bass was missing, leaving you with shallow midrange and high-end tones.

The scrolling area is not fully defined, so sometimes you can accidentally enter it making the pointer go nuts. Despite the somewhat more decent look, the target group is apparent. msi gx600

msi gx600 The notebook did get quite loud when you enabled the overclocking mode. The only feature that seemed to be missing was big LEDs to light up the logo, which most lecturers will love not being in their classroom. So, the Megabook GX is rather msi gx600 multimedia gz600 with gaming ambitions, The Megabook GX stands out of msi gx600 crowd by offering many interfaces. And finally, the cursor arrows and four buttons in the mxi part of the keyboard, which are often used by gamers, are also red.